Building on Nahmii is smooth and fluid, just like on Ethereum with tools like Remix and Hardhat. Other tools like Truffle, Replit, etc are in the integration phase.

Using Hardhat

Example 1: A simple ERC-20

This repository contains a simple ERC-20 smart contract with a public mint function and instructions on how to deploy to Nahmii 2.0 network. The files for this example can be found here.


  • Two L2 wallets loaded with sufficient amount of wETH, needed for the transaction.

  • Here, for the NodeJS version

Example 2: A simple greeting contract

Here's a simple greeting contract, the files can be found here. Note: A message can be deployed and also be changed by anyone afterwards.


  • A L2 wallet with wETH

  • NodeJS version remains the same.

How to run the project

  1. Open a command line terminal.

  2. Run yarn.

  3. Update the mnemonic in the hardhat.config.js with one that contains wETH in account 1.

  4. Connect Hardhat to Nahmii in order to test the code, run npx hardhat --network nahmii test.

  5. To interact with the smart contracts on Nahmii, run npx hardhat --network nahmii console.

  6. To deploy the smart contract on the Nahmii, run npx hardhat run scripts/deploy.js --network nahmii.

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