As the world leans towards greener energy sources, carbon impact on the world can't be overlooked. This page shows how Nahmii affects the carbon balance.

Proof-of-work Blockchains are energy-intensive entities, using an enormous amount of energy comparable to the consumption of a typical small country. Because of the nature of the gear needed in mining/confirming transactions, this has continued to raise concerns about their carbon impact throughout the world.

Ethereum is not left out of these discussions about its carbon footprint, but it is undergoing a structural transformation from a Proof-of-Work paradigm to a Proof-of-Stake model. This shift results in a huge reduction in energy use.

Nahmii itself, utilizes relatively little energy when compared to other L2s as this is channelled towards ancillary and administrative services, but this will be greatly reduced when Ethereum finally transits to the POS model.

Nahmii will work with third party services to report her carbon emissions and offset the same via carbon credits.

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