This page covers how to connect to Nahmii!


This guide is intended for both wallet providers and users who want to send transactions over the Nahmii network. Nahmii works like any other EVM compatible chain with ETH as its base currency and 'soon with the introduction of other token used as gas fee'.

Nahmii as a scaling solution to Ethereum must publish transaction data to Mainnet Ethereum.

Where to Start

Here's a detailed guide on connecting the metamask extension Connecting metamaskto Nahmii, however, in simple terms you can connect your web3 wallet extension using the connect-nahmii-2 dapp or use an RPC endpoint aggregator

Canonical Token Addresses

Like every other scaling solution for Ethereum, ERC-20 smart contract addresses on Nahmii may differ from Ethereum for the same token. However, in the future we will provide a list of token list Here's an example for the NII token.

Transaction Fees

Nahmii is Ethereum compatible, and thus transactions are denominated in ETH. However, there are some discrepancies between the chains, a recognized feature is the fee designs and model.

Connecting metamask

Nahmii testnet network resets periodically. Nonces in Metamask don't update automatically and are cached. If you receive failed transaction warnings in MetaMask, please reset your account in the settings > advanced menu.

With the click of a button, navigate to the connect-nahmii-2 dapp. Press on the ADD NAHMII TESTNET and ADD NAHMII MAINNET button. Alternatively, use the RPC aggregator, RPC INFO and click on the button Add to Metamask. Approve the dapp request and the networks should be added to your Ethereum wallet extension.

Network Details

Connect Manually via Metamask

  1. Open the browser extension.

  2. Click on the network dropdown.

3. When the networks window pops up, click on Custom RPC

5. The wallet extension automatically switches to the newly added network.

Observing Transactions

Curious about your transactions, check out our block explorer!

There you'll find all transactions happening on Nahmii as they come through and also see how much it costs per transactions in gas fees on Nahmii.

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