Advantages of Nahmii

What makes Nahmii different?

There is no other scaling solution on Ethereum today that offers Nahmii's performance. Nahmii introduces State Pools, a patent-pending technology that provides everyone with the right tools to easily build solutions on Ethereum at scale. We, at Nahmii, know that scaling is more than just the number of transactions per second. Other aspects such as instant finality, low latency and predictable fees are equally as important to obtain a level of scaling that fits commercial needs.


Nahmii scales horizontally so blockchains can finally offer the throughput (transactions per second) they need to be business-ready.


Nahmii is not only about transactions per second; Nahmii has extremely low latency, making the platform perfect for traders, metered payments and enabling unprecedented user experiences.

‌Transaction Finality

With Nahmii you don’t have to wait several minutes or hours for your transaction to be final; When you receive a receipt, that transaction cannot be reversed.

‌Fee Predictability

With Nahmii you know transaction costs in advance. Even better, Nahmii’s fees are extremely low.

Use Cases

Due to the unprecedented speed of Nahmii, its instant finality, low latency and predictable fees, Nahmii lends itself perfectly for a wide variety of use cases. Below we sum up a number of examples.

Financial applications

Whether it's high frequency trading, options trading or other financial use cases, many of them cannot function properly on systems with high finality. Nahmii eliminates execution risk due to its instant finality.

Micro-transactions and metered services

Micro-transactions and metered services haven't been feasible on traditional financial systems and other Blockchain systems out there until Nahmii. Nahmii 1.0 has already proven that high throughput and low and predictable fees are possible.
Nahmii 2.0 expands upon the ideas that made Nahmii 1.0 possible and introduces the ability to have extremely small transactions that are both cheap to execute and do not fluctuate as intensely as other solutions do. Smart contract managed metered services are finally commercial and enterprise ready.


Traditional E-commerce websites process payments through third party payment providers that often ask rates upwards of 3% over an entire transaction.
Due to the congestion pricing baked into Blockchain systems like Ethereum and Bitcoin, they can be fairly cheap for payments during off-peak periods. During peak demand however, the pricing can skyrocket to amounts exceeding the cost of the products themselves. Nahmii can offer both low and predictable fees to E-commerce websites due to its innovative State Pool technology.

Subscription Business Model

The subscription based business model has steadily gained the upper hand in the online world. Offering these types of payments on traditional Blockchains would result in unpredictable extra costs for customers, that at times can even outpace the actual cost of the subscription.
Nahmii 2.0, with its generalized smart contract support, allows for both innovative new use cases around subscription based business models and predictable fees for end users.

Blockchain-based Gaming

Games are often fast-paced and highly interactive. Games built on top of regular Blockchains often experience not only variable cost due to network usage, but also suffer from high latency.
Due to the instant finality property Nahmii exhibits, Blockchain-based games that are real-time and cost effective are finally viable for everyone. The liveness of games built on top of Nahmii are unparalleled.
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