User Quickstart
Nahmii 2.0 is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, built around the Nahmii Virtual Machine, that enables high-throughput, instant finality, low cost transactions and massively increases the speed with which you can interact with apps.

Getting started

Where to start

First, connect Nahmii 2.0 with your favorite wallet. We have a guide on how to connect with MetaMask here. If you want to connect to Nahmii in the simplest possible way, you can use our connect-nahmii-2 dApp.

What to do

Looking to use dApps that are running on top of Nahmii 2.0? Check out the list of active dApps here.

What's happening

To view transactions on Nahmii 2.0, find deployed tokens and view smart contract interactions, check out our testnet Block Explorer here.

Where to find more info

The Nahmii team is accessible through our community Telegram and Discord. We're always listening for feedback and suggestions. For regular updates please check out our Twitter and Blog.
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